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Abstract Paintings by Austin Artist Marilyn Fenn, website design v4.5

Abstract Paintings by Austin Artist Marilyn Fenn, website design v4.5

I have been moving toward more subdued colors in website designs (especially for artists!), and I think even my colorful work might look better against a more neutral background than before.  Soooooooooooo, I redesigned my fine art site one more time.  Luckily, this redesign only took me a week, while the structural and visual redesign from last fall took about a month.

While subduing the color palette of my site, I also decided to greatly simplify the amount of distractions. I have removed many of the doodads from the sidebars, and even removed the sidebar from many of the site pages. In several cases, I combined several pages into one that’s still easy to navigate with the addition of post tabs, and I’ve streamlined the info in the footer widgets. In a continuing effort to offer as much as I can without download speeds being too terrible, I have also reduced the number of plugins I’m using (and I keep whittling at the speed issue).

I replaced the random image of my paintings on the front page with a slideshow. I’ve upsized my art images and thumbnails sizes for better viewing. Plus, I recently added an on-site shop where you can purchase my art. Overall I’m very happy with this cleaner design and my yummy new colors of butterscotch, eggnog and chocolate.

Anyway, I hope you like the new design.  Plus, look forward to more art coming from me soon!  Check out the changes at Marilyn Fenn Studio.