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The USS Macaw website

The USS Macaw website

I’ve just created a very simple design for a WordPress website for a friend of mine.  He is a journalist who has spent some part of several years interviewing survivors from the USS Macaw, a ship that sank at sea during WWII on which his father was aboard (and luckily survived).

I created the design and set up a WordPress site that will handle “siders”* for my friend Tim.   He will be adding all the content himself.  I am training him long-distance by phone.

You can check out the story and photographs from the ship and its crew at Tim’s site, The USS Macaw.

*According to Tim, a “sider” in journalism is a box on the side of the main story that contains related data.  On Tim’s site, the siders are used, for instance, to show photos (when available) and details about each of the crew members.