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I am a member of the Finding Fine Art group* on Etsy (where I have a shop to sell my fine artwork), and I’ve started researching some Etsy apps and techniques for organizing Finding Fine Art member lists, Treasuries, and blog posts featuring Treasuries, which I thought I’d share with you all.  This post is primarily aimed at members of the Finding Fine Art group, but may be helpful for other Etsy shopkeepers and Etsy users as well.

*The “Finding Fine Art” team was created to provide a unique shopping experience for fine art collectors seeking original art on Etsy. Members of the team are visual artists with outstanding, gallery quality original artwork, a high level of professionalism and presentation, and a positive standing in the Etsy community. Buyers are encouraged to look through our member’s list to discover new artists or search the tag “findingfineart” on Etsy for a dazzling, virtual gallery experience.



The Favoritizer Checklet


This app allows you to organize your favorite shops and items into as many categories as you’d like. I think this is going to be very useful to help create treasuries with Finding Fine Art members’ work. I’ve created 3 categories each for shops and items:

  1. Finding Fine Art Members
  2. Non-Members
  3. Non-Fine Art Items (crafts and jewelry, etc.)

You can sign into it through your Etsy ID and create whatever categories work for you.


With this app, you can search for all the Etsy Treasuries you’ve created and all the ones you are in, and it will spit out a little code you can insert into a blog post that shows the whole treasury, with links (as shown above). You can choose from 4 sizes, including one small enough for sidebars. I found all of my treasuries yesterday and created pre-dated blog posts for each one on my little Blogger blog. If you’d like, you can see how that looks here: Etsy Treasuries on Small Wonders: Small Paintings at Small Prices by Marilyn Fenn.

Btw, the same site offers HEART-O-MATIC, various ways of viewing who hearts your shop and items:


Etsy Item Hearts and Views on CraftCult


Heart Charts for Etsy Shops on CraftCult


and THE POCKET SHOP, a sidebar widget of your shop that you can insert into your blog:

Etsy Pocket Shop widget on CraftCult

Etsy Pocket Shop widget on CraftCult



Etsy catalog - marilynfennpaintings

Etsy catalog – marilynfennpaintings

This site will allow you to create a lovely PDF catalog of some or all items in your shop, which you could then print out and take with you to any of your upcoming art shows. You can edit the info and re-arrange items, too.

For folks with Etsy Shops, all these, plus several other interesting looking Etsy Apps that I haven’t tried yet, can be found under Your Etsy…the very last link on the left (under Resources).



Action Outliner

Action Outliner

I am using a little paid program called Action Outliner to keep track of links, such as links to all these tools, my Etsy shop, my websites, the important Finding Fine Art links (and much more); to-do lists; etc. It’s also a great way to keep bits of text that get used over and over, so I can just copy and paste them as needed (say for shop items, and blog posts). It allows you to date things, too, plus properly formatted hyperlinks will link from within the program.



I am adding every Finding Fine Art member to my circle and adding their shops to my favorites, so that I can try to make a weekly treasury that features Finding Fine Art members. Now that I have started to set that up, keeping up when new members join is (so far) not a huge investment of time. It’s also really fun to check the activity feed to see new work from other members as well as their new favorites.



Has anyone else tried some of these, or found other tools and tips to help you use Etsy well?  Please let me know in the comments or in our Etsy group.