color exercises

I have been moving toward more subdued colors in website designs (especially for artists!), and I think even my colorful work might look better against a more neutral background than before. Soooooooooooo, I redesigned my fine art site one more time. Luckily, this redesign only took me a week, while the structural and visual redesign from last fall took about a month. Continue reading
I have just finished yet another redesign of my art website! The new design is a slight refinement of the previous visual design (with which I've been pretty happy for awhile), but more importantly, it represents a major underlying structural change. Continue reading
Announcing the launch of Marilyn Fenn's art site re-design! Created in WordPress, combining artist portfolio site and database with two art blogs. Artist portfolio, color exercises, art school class notes, reviews of free portfolio sites, photos from art openings, art quotes and much, much more! Continue reading
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