Cheryl McClure

link to website for painter Cheryl McClure

Cheryl McClure website

I’ve just completed setting up a new website in WordPress for contemporary abstract painter Cheryl McClure.  I created the visual design and set up all the pages, menus, basic image galleries and albums, slideshow, widgets and plugins, but Cheryl added almost all of the content herself, including uploading and organizing all of her awesome artwork!

I’ve been a fan of Cheryl’s work for years.  In fact, she was one of the first three contemporary painters I blogged about on my art blog.  We later became better acquainted through the TexasWax encaustic group, and then connected on Facebook.  And we still haven’t met in person yet!

I love this design I created for Cheryl, from her suggestions and directions.  It is appropriately minimal for an artist’s site while still incorporating a touch of color that complements her work.

Take a look at the website, but check out her many, many gorgeous paintings at Cheryl