Pixel Wranglers website, version 2

Pixel Wranglers website, version 2

This is the new version of the website for the website design and development business that my husband and I are partners in. I redesigned it as a WordPress website to bring it up to date and make it easier to update. I added and massaged a lot of the content. I did only a slight visual redesign, because I wanted to maintain the basic look from the previous version of the site. You can visit the new site at http://pixelwranglers.com/.

Pixel  Wranglers website, version 1

Pixel Wranglers website, version 1

This was the original site design from several years ago — a basic 6-page site done in HTML/CSS.  I always liked this design, but I prefer the ease of updating a WordPress site, and the added functionality provided by the judicious use of plug-ins.

At Pixel Wranglers, we frequently work together to build more extensive websites and business applications than I do on my own. My husband is a certified webmaster with a degree in Computer Science, and is experienced in database development, design and normalization. He can integrate database applications, such as specialized lookup facilities and site-wide dynamic-page environments. He can customize database back-end applications and perform implementations for Unix environments (PHP/SQL) or Windows (ASP/Access). He is also an extremely talented writer.

Please visit our new Pixel Wranglers website for more information, and contact us if we can help you with any website or database design and development projects.