Poster for Mayor Will Wynn's Presentation on Austin Climate Protection Program

Poster for Mayor Will Wynn’s Presentation on Austin Climate Protection Program

Sponsored by Cherrywood Neighborhood Association/Asbury Film Night
Project Type:
Poster design
Software: Illustrator, PhotoShop
© 2007 Marilyn Fenn Design

My hubby ran a film night on Fridays for our neighborhood, so guess who got elected to design this poster?

CNA Certificate for Mrs. Firey's Garden

CNA Certificate for Mrs. Firey’s Garden

Sponsored by Cherrywood Neighborhood Association
Project Type:
Certificate design
Software: CorelDraw, PhotoShop
© 2006 Marilyn Fenn Design

One of our neighbors creates the most beautiful garden every year, as you can see here — which we all appreciate.  The neighborhood association asked me to create a certificate to honor her achievements.