Desktop Design White

Desktop Design White

Sketch for Desktop Design
Project Type: Furniture design illustrations, to scale
Software: Illustrator
© 2013 Marilyn Fenn

I decided to build my own desk, as I couldn’t find one pre-made that adequately filled the 10.5 foot wide space for my desk.  I decided to use Baltic birch, as it is so beautiful (and it resonates with my Baltic heritage 🙂 ), but it only comes in 5 foot x 5 foot sheets at our local lumber yard. It took a while to sort out how to approach this, and designing it in Illustrator to scale aided greatly.  I was also able to visualize various color finishing options.

Shown below are a few color options in the top and front views.

Desktop Design White Desktop Design With Supporting Tables Desktop Design With Black Legs

You can view a slideshow of the process and the results on my decor site.