Carpentry – Staircase

A few of many detail illustrations about building a staircase

Carpentry – Installing Wall Cabinets

Installing various types of wall cabinets

Carpentry – Installing Base Cabinets

Installing various types of base cabinets

ADA and Barrier-Free Construction

Various ADA considerations: a home ramp, bathroom layout, knee space under stove top, text telephone, and portable toilets

Heavy Timber Framing

Heavy timer framing, primary and secondary members, and framing nomenclature

Timber Construction Illustrations: Blueprint

Blueprint in perspective

Heavy Timber Framing – Rafters

Framing rafters

Carpentry – Roofing

Building a roof – outside corner assembly

Timber Construction – Floor Joist

Slideshow of floor joist cutting instructions (I think)

Shower Stall with Seat (Acrylic Pan) – Mortar Bed

Installing a shower stall with seat (mortar bed)

Secondary Bathtub with Backer Board

Installing a secondary bathtub with shower head (cementitious backer unit)

Master Bath Shower (Acrylic Pan) Next to Soaking Tub – Backer Board

Installing a master bath shower next to a soaking tub (cementitious backer board)

Advanced Welding – Tube Illustration

Drawing on a curve

Advanced Welding

A proper orthographic diagram

Rigging Techniques

Crane specifications, cutaway of a block, reeved blocks, skip reeving, and a laced block and tackle system

Tilt up Construction

Clutch-type inserts and clutch, encasement ball, vibratory truss screed alignment

Tilt-up Construction – Hydraulic Truck Crane

Hydraulic truck crane

Tilt-up Construction – Crane Hand Signals

Hand signals for a crane

Lifting Truck – Fulcrum

The fulcrum between a lifting truck and its load

Lifting Truck – Hand Signals

Hand signals for a lifting truck

Timber Construction – Wood Compression

Examples of wood compression

MSDS – Measuring Weight and Volume

Measuring weight and volume

Agile Setup Illustration

Connecting several clients to a server

Agile Put Together Illustration

Connecting client and printer to a server

Bronco Remote Box Panel Illustrations

Illustrations of a set top box connections, panels and remote

Exploded View

Exploded View Illustration

Technical illustration on a computer…in 1984!


Gears Illustration

Inking with rapidograph pens


Cables Illustration

Drawn in pencil (with French curve templates), then inked with pens