Drapery Styles

Four window dressing styles

Drapery Heading Styles

Eight window dressing heading styles

Daybed And Cabinet Design

Beginning to plan for a daybed and cabinet

Attic Shelving Design

Beginning to plan attic shelves

Interior Illustration – Living Room – Perspective

Imagining modern design in an old home

Interior Illustration – Dining Room Credenza Wall

One wall of an ideal dining room

Interior Illustration – Dining Room Fireplace Wall

The fireplace wall in the dining room

Interior Illustration – Kitchen

A semi-open kitchen with nooks

Interior Illustration – Master Bedroom in Perspective

A large eclectic bedroom

Interior Illustration – Master Bathroom – the Tub & Shower Wall

A spa like bathroom

Interior Illustration – Master Bathroom – The Sink and John Wall

Free-standing glass sinks

Sketch for Bedroom Decor

Sketching out decor ideas for bedroom