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Drawings from Life:

Flowers of the Red Yucca II

Flowers of the Red Yucca II

The second sketch for a garden art show

Flowers of the Red Yucca I

Flowers of the Red Yucca I

One of two sketches for a garden art show

River and Trees at the Ethnographic Museum, Rumsiskes, Lithuania

River and Trees at the Ethnographic Museum, Rumsiskes, Lithuania

Lithuanian landscape in watercolor pencil

Road to La Verna, Italy

Road to La Verna, Italy

Italian landscape in watercolor pencil

Still Life with Wooden Candle Holders

Still Life with Wooden Candle Holders

Still life watercolor pencil sketch

Kinex Character

Kinex Character

Colored pencil sketch of a snap-together toy

Ginger Flowers

Ginger Flowers

Study for an animation

Rocks at Enchanted Rock

Rocks at Enchanted Rock

Sketch from an outing to Enchanted Rock

Sketch of a gorilla at the Field Museum

Sketch of a Gorilla at the Field Museum

Sketch of a gorilla — stuffed, not live

Sketch of a Deer at the Field Museum

Sketch of a Deer at the Field Museum

Sketch of a deer – also stuffed

Nude at Vanishing Point

Nude at Vanishing Point

A great pose and some luck makes for a good drawing

Nude at Vanishing Point #8

Nude at Vanishing Point #8

A nice pose in the doorway


Nude at Vanishing Point Studio #5

One of several good drawings at V.P. Studio, Austin

Sleeping cat

Sleeping Roomie

Sketch of sleeping cat

Stargazer and Tiger Lilies

Stargazer and Tiger Lilies

Sketch of some lovely lilies



From a dream…

Chelsea in the Park

Chelsea in the Park

My lovely niece when she was a wee one

Darien and Dessa at Bandon by the Sea

Darien and Dessa at Bandon by the Sea

My brother and my other niece

Self Portrait 2

Self Portrait 2

My second self-portrait, this time in color

Self Portrait 1

Self Portrait 1

My first self-portrait

Tennis Shoes and Woven Bag

Tennis Shoes and Woven Bag

A charcoal pencil drawing of shoes and other textured items

The architecture building and courtyard at UT

The Architecture Building at UT

The courtyard at the University of Texas architecture building

Anatomy Drawings:

Ribcage illustration

Ribcage Illustration

Digital illustration of a ribcage. Isn’t it pretty?

Citizen of Pompeii

Citizen of Pompeii

Sketch from National Geo piece on Pompeii

Mary Pickford and Friend

Mary Pickford and Friend

A skeleton dancing with Mary Pickford

Dance Me to the End of Love

Dance Me to the End of Love

Dancing skeletons

Muscles of the Head Illustration

Muscles of the Head

Illustrating the muscles of the head

Bones of the Skull, front, side, and back views

Bones of the Skull

Front, side, and back views of the skull

Hand and Foot Bones

Hand and Foot Bones

Drawing the bones of the hand and foot

Muscles of the Body

Muscles of the Body

Drawing the muscles of the body

Bones of the human skeleton

Bones of the Skeleton

Drawing a whole skeleton

Interior Illustrations:

Drapery Styles

Four window dressing styles

Drapery Heading Styles

Eight window dressing heading styles

Daybed And Cabinet Design

Beginning to plan for a daybed and cabinet

Attic Shelving Design

Beginning to plan attic shelves

Interior Illustration – Living Room – Perspective

Imagining modern design in an old home

Interior Illustration – Dining Room Credenza Wall

One wall of an ideal dining room

Interior Illustration – Dining Room Fireplace Wall

The fireplace wall in the dining room

Interior Illustration – Kitchen

A semi-open kitchen with nooks

Interior Illustration – Master Bedroom in Perspective

A large eclectic bedroom

Interior Illustration – Master Bathroom – the Tub & Shower Wall

A spa like bathroom

Interior Illustration – Master Bathroom – The Sink and John Wall

Free-standing glass sinks

Sketch for Bedroom Decor

Sketching out decor ideas for bedroom

Furniture Design Drawings:

Desktop Design Drawing

Design for a 10.5 foot wide desktop

Wood Storage Cart Drawing

A small version of a wood storage cart

Sewing Cabinet Design Drawings

Design for a sewing table

CD Shelves Design Drawing

Designing a pair of small CD shelves

Garden Bench Design Drawing

A design for a little garden bench

Art Table Design Drawing

Design for an art table

Framing Table Design Drawing

Design for matting and framing table

Storage Shelving Design Drawing

A design for some much-needed storage shelves

Digital Illustrations:

Digital Illustration of a Pear

Trying out a new digital painting program.

TelcoSphere Install Graphics and Theme Image

Product photography and design

Merlin Smartguide Illustrations

System installation illustrations

Digital Illustrations of Tropical Fish

Painting with a mouse, in the early days…

Achieving Greater Heights Illustration

Painting clouds with Painter, adding text with PhotoShop

Banking Image Composition

Compositing stock photography

Airplane Seating Chart Illustrations for a Travel Demo

Seating charts drawn in CorelDraw, background added in Painter

Digital Illustration of a Tree Museum in Lithuania

Using Painter for the first time; a quick study, so to speak.

Technical Illustrations:

Carpentry – Staircase

A few of many detail illustrations about building a staircase

Carpentry – Installing Wall Cabinets

Installing various types of wall cabinets

Carpentry – Installing Base Cabinets

Installing various types of base cabinets

ADA and Barrier-Free Construction

Various ADA considerations: a home ramp, bathroom layout, knee space under stove top, text telephone, and portable toilets

Heavy Timber Framing

Heavy timer framing, primary and secondary members, and framing nomenclature

Timber Construction Illustrations: Blueprint

Blueprint in perspective

Heavy Timber Framing – Rafters

Framing rafters

Carpentry – Roofing

Building a roof – outside corner assembly

Timber Construction – Floor Joist

Slideshow of floor joist cutting instructions (I think)

Shower Stall with Seat (Acrylic Pan) – Mortar Bed

Installing a shower stall with seat (mortar bed)

Secondary Bathtub with Backer Board

Installing a secondary bathtub with shower head (cementitious backer unit)

Master Bath Shower (Acrylic Pan) Next to Soaking Tub – Backer Board

Installing a master bath shower next to a soaking tub (cementitious backer board)

Advanced Welding – Tube Illustration

Drawing on a curve

Advanced Welding

A proper orthographic diagram

Rigging Techniques

Crane specifications, cutaway of a block, reeved blocks, skip reeving, and a laced block and tackle system

Tilt up Construction

Clutch-type inserts and clutch, encasement ball, vibratory truss screed alignment

Tilt-up Construction – Hydraulic Truck Crane

Hydraulic truck crane

Tilt-up Construction – Crane Hand Signals

Hand signals for a crane

Lifting Truck – Fulcrum

The fulcrum between a lifting truck and its load

Lifting Truck – Hand Signals

Hand signals for a lifting truck

Timber Construction – Wood Compression

Examples of wood compression

MSDS – Measuring Weight and Volume

Measuring weight and volume

Agile Setup Illustration

Connecting several clients to a server

Agile Put Together Illustration

Connecting client and printer to a server

Bronco Remote Box Panel Illustrations

Illustrations of a set top box connections, panels and remote

Exploded View

Exploded View Illustration

Technical illustration on a computer…in 1984!


Gears Illustration

Inking with rapidograph pens


Cables Illustration

Drawn in pencil (with French curve templates), then inked with pens


Cone Graphic

One of several graphics for a presentation

LIC Presentation Graphic

A presentation graphic

Patterns Process Diagram

Flow chart in ovals

Patterns Diagram

Strategy diagram

Voice Access Diagram

Voice access diagram

Patterns Diagram

Diagramming the web for the web

Patterns Diagram

A pyramid of planning

Risk Manager Network Diagram

Colorful technical diagram with 3D elements

Websphere Diagram

Diagramming spheres 🙂

Risk Manager Diagram

More colorful diagrams

Risk Manager Diagram

Diagram with databases, servers, consoles

Aurora WSOD Workflow Diagram

A workflow diagram