After learning a bit about animation via 3D software, I decided to go back to school and study traditional animation.  What a great class! 

This portfolio contains some traditional animation projects, some 3D animation projects, some animated gifs, and some Flash — and Swish — animations.

Click on the items below to view some of the animations larger, although many were originally produced at a very small size (the 90’s, you know).  Some projects contain multiple images.

Robert Earl Keen Website Animation

Animated intro for musician website

Marvin the Martian’s Ship Animation

Animating Marvin the Martian’s ship

Energy Market Exchange Flash Animation

A flashy flash animation — with numbers. Ooh!

Human Factors/IDD Website Intro Animation

Animated intro for a department website

In for a Penny Animated Logo

In for a Penny Animated Logo

Animated logo and website banner

Artists Quotes Animated

Animations of famous artists’ quotes

Picasso Paintings Morphing Animation

Morphing five heads from Picasso paintings

Austin Regional Clinic Animated Banner Ad

Animated online ad for local newspaper

Morph Animation

Morphing snakes and flowers into a “M”

Walk Cycle Animation

Walk Cycle Animation

Just a simple walk cycle animation

Anticipation Animation

Throw the ball

Lighthouse Animation

Animation for a search function

WSOD (Workspace on Demand) Logon Animation

WSOD (Workspace-on-Demand) Logon Animation

A spinning globe animation

IBM Globe Logon Animation

IBM Globe Logon Animation

Animating the logo

Global Sign-On - One Key animation

GSO (Global Sign-On) Keys Animation

From several keys down to one

Merlin Installation Animations

A series of 6 installation animations