In the mid-90’s, I began learning trueSpace 3D in my job as visual designer at IBM.  I modeled quite a few computers, computer peripherals and other items, which I then used to render many illustrations for several products and projects. 

I later studied 3D modeling and animation at Austin Community College using Lightwave, a more powerful program than trueSpace.  I have examples of models from both programs in this portfolio, and one item using AC3D.

Click on the items below to view the 3D models larger.  Some projects contain multiple images.  All images can be viewed to fit your screen by clicking on them.

Pergola Design and Build

3D model of a pergola

Marvin the Martian 3D Model

Marvin the Martian!

Marvin the Martian’s Ship 3D Model

Designing and modeling Marvin the Martian’s spaceship

Marvin the Martian’s Gun 3D Model

Modeled from a small toy Marvin

Batman Logo 3D Model

Modeling the Batman logo in Lightwave

Comedy Central Logo 3D Model

Comedy Central logo model based on the 1998 TV version

GSO (Global Sign-On) Welcome Screen Illustration

Models and rendering for a GSO (Global Sign-On) welcome screen

GSO (Global Sign-On) Keys 3D Model

3D model of keys

Merlin System Install 3D Model

Modeling a PC and peripherals for installation illustrations and animations

GSO (Global Sign-On) PC and Desk 3D Model

3D Models of a PC, desk mouse, mousepad, books, and a mug

Laptop 3D Model

3D model of a laptop computer

DSS Client and Servers 3D Model

DSS client and servers

DCE Networks 3D Model

DCE networks: cells, domains, clients and servers in colorful, fun 3D models

DCE Help Illustrations

Questions about DCE? Me, too. (what was this project?)

Combination Lock 3D Model

Model of a combination lock

Squeezebox 3D Model

Modeling a simplified squeezebox in 3D