FlickrI recently reviewed five online artist portfolio sites where an artist can start to show their work.

As a bonus, I’m adding Flickr, which is not so much an online artists portfolio site as a quick and easy way to get started having your artwork online.


  • easily upload photos of your artwork
  • easily organize your work into sets
  • easily edit title, tag and description information per photo or per batch of photos
  • rotate images online
  • view the artwork by browsing through sets, view as thumbnails or view in a slideshow
  • add your profile
  • add friends and contacts with whom to share artwork
  • join groups of other artists with whom you can share your work and discussions
  • comment on the work of others and add them to your favorites —  and receive the same from others
  • bookmark a page or a piece to your favorites, an RSS feed, myYahoo and Delicious, and send via email


  • limited to only three sets of images (for free)
  • no option to add additional pages for such things as resume, bio and statement
  • your name is not part of the URL scheme
  • not a true portfolio site; does not appear to the viewer as a professional online artwork presence; hence not for the serious artist trying to make contact with shows or galleries

A great place to share photos of your artwork with family, friends and colleagues; a great place to hook up with other artists and share work and discussions; a great resource to be used just to get started or as an addition to a more intentional portfolio site.