Blogs & Stuff webpage design, v2

Blogs & Stuff webpage design, v2

Several years ago, I gathered links to all my blogs and stuff on one page.  I recently decided it was time to redesign that little page design slightly.  I loved the look and the logo of the initial design, but the web page layout was created in tables, and the time to use tables for page layout has long since passed.  I even seriously considered (for about a minute) making it into another WordPress site, but soon realized that would be total overkill for something that’s actually not much of anything in the first place.

On the up side, except for the images, all the files for this web page add up to only 60kb.  On the down side, it was actually more work and more time consuming to add content to this one little page than it would have been had I done it in WordPress.  Luckily, the content for this page should not change much or very often.  (fingers crossed)

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