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WordPress Themes for Sale

I am now offering custom designed WordPress themes for sale. I have been creating these themes since about 2009, and I revamped every theme in 2012 (and again yesterday) to bring them up-to-date with new features and technologies. You can view screencaps of the themes and find out the latest info about ordering one on my new page, WordPress Themes, and find out more about the features, templates and extensive customization options on my partner site, Theme Cruisin’. Continue reading

Exciting Announcement!

I am so pleased to announce that my husband, Terry Dyke, will be taking over the organizational aspects of our web design and development business, Pixel Wranglers: and my design business, Marilyn Fenn Design:

Terry will be taking over the responsibilities for scheduling, specs, contracts, and billing because, frankly, he is better at all that than I am, AND it will free me up to focus on the design aspects of any web design, graphic design and illustration projects (and allow me to spend more time painting!). Continue reading

New Web Design for Austin Painter Jennifer Balkan

Redesigning Austin artist Jennifer Balkan’s website into a WordPress website with a filmstrip-style image gallery. Continue reading

The Evolution of Web Design

Great Link!

Just discovered this great infographic at Kissmetrics outlining the evolution of web design:

Check it out; it’s a great little trip down memory lane for those of us involved in web design for awhile (I jumped in about 1994)…

Using Featured Images in WordPress Websites

Code fixes for the Featured Image and Post Thumbnail functions in Artisteer themes for WordPress.

When WordPress came out with version 2.9 in the fall of 2010, one of the best things they added was the Post Thumbnail for featured images.

For art sites, this was something of a Godsend. Continue reading

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